100 Gms White King Mix Freeform Cabochon
32 Pcs White King Agate Mix Cabochon 500 Cts
Natural White King 21mm Round Cabochon 3.81 Cts
Natural White King 21x21mm Heart Cabochon 3.45 Cts
Natural White King 30x18mm Pear Cabochon 3.63 Cts
Natural White King Agate 17x17mm Trillion Cabochon 8.0 Cts
White King 23x22mm Cushion Cabochon 5.43 Cts
White King 28x14mm Marquise Cabochon 3.32 Cts
White King 29x20mm Rectangle Cabochon 5.43 Cts
White king Agate 10mm Round Briolette Cut 3.55 Cts
White king Agate 10x10mm Cushion Briolette Cut 3.35 Cts
White king Agate 10x5mm Marquise Cabochon 1.05 Cts
White king Agate 10x5mm Marquise Cut 0.90 Cts
White king Agate 11x9mm Oval Cabochon 3.4 Cts
White king Agate 12mm Round Briolette Cut 5.3 Cts
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