Ametrine 12x9mm Fancy Cut 4.1 Cts
Attractive Ametrine Gemstone 16x10mm Octagon Cut 8.80 Cts
Beautiful Ametrine Gemstone 14x12mm Oval Cut 6.80 Cts
Color Change Ametrine Gemstone 10x10mm Square Cut 5.05 Cts
Exclusive Ametrine Gemstone 10mm Hexagon Cut 6.80 Cts
Factory Wholesale Ametrine Gemstone 10x10mm Round Cut 4.25 Cts
Gorgeous Gemstone Ametrine 14x9mm Pear Faceted Cut 7.80 Cts
Indain Fashion Gemstone Ametrine 10x10mm Cushion Cut 4.35 Cts
Loose Gemstone Ametrine 18x15mm Trapezoid Cut 8.00 Cts
Natural Ametrine 14x11mm Fancy Cut 6.5 Cts
Natural Ametrine 14x13mm Fancy Cut 6.3 Cts
Natural Ametrine 14x9mm Fancy Cut 3.5 Cts
Natural Ametrine 16x15mm Fancy Cut 9.8 Cts
Natural Ametrine 17x9mm Fancy Cut 6.3 Cts
Natural Ametrine Gemstone 25x8mm Marquise Faceted Cut 6.80 Cts
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