12x12mm Natural Milky Aquamarine 8.1 Cts Square Checker Rose Cut
12x6mm Natural Milky Aquamarine Marquise Cut 1.6 Cts
2 Pcs Blue Aquamarine 2x2mm Triilion Cut 0.05 Cts
2 Pcs Blue Aquamarine 3x3mm Square Cut 0.35 Cts
2 Pcs Blue Aquamarine 4mm Round Cut 0.40 Cts
22x12mm Natural Milky Aquamarine 8.6 Cts Marquise Cut
4 Pcs Milky Aquamarine 12mm Round Briolette Cut 22.20 Cts
Aquamarine 10x7mm Octagon Baguette Cut 2.55 Cts
Aquamarine 10x8mm Oval Faceted Cut 2.50 Cts
Aquamarine 7x7mm Cushion Cabochon 1.70 Cts
Aquamarine 7x7mm Round Faceted Cut 1.40 Cts
Aquamarine Hydro 12x10 Octagon Buff Top Cut 8.25 Cts
Aquamarine Hydro 12x12 Cushion Faceted Cut 4.85 Cts
Blue Aquamarine 12x6mm Marquise Cut 1.59 Cts
Blue Aquamarine 2mm Round Cut 0.033 Cts
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