Kunzite 12x7mm Pear Cabochon 3.85 Cts
Kunzite 19.5x14mm Oval Cabochon 16.85 Cts
Kunzite 20x14mm Oval Cabochon 22.5 Cts
Kunzite 20x16mm Pear Cabochon 29.5 Cts
Kunzite 21x12mm Rectangle Cabochon 20.55 Cts
Kunzite 22x15mm Pear Cabochon 16.8 Cts
Kunzite 23x15mm Pear Cabochon 25.15 Cts
Kunzite 26x16mm Rectangle Cabochon 29.5 Cts
Kunzite Roundel Gemstone Beads Smooth Plain 3.5 Inch 63.35 Cts 9x6mm
Natural Kunzite 11x8mm Fancy Cabochon 3.25 cts
Natural Kunzite 12x12mm Heart Cabochon 7.05 cts
Natural Kunzite 13x11mm Octagon Cabochon 10.65 cts
Natural Kunzite 13x13mm Heart Cabochon 10.40 cts
Natural Kunzite 14x10mm Oval Cabochon 16.20 cts
Natural Kunzite 14x12mm Oval Cabochon 10.80 cts
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