44 Pcs Orange Kyanite Rough Fancy Freeform 50 Gms
5 Pcs Natural Kyanite 7x5mm Oval Cabochon 7.7 Cts
Natural Kyanite 11x7mm Oval Cabochon 4.3 Cts
Natural kyanite 14x12mm Oval Cabochon 6.5 Cts
Natural Kyanite 16x13mm Pear Cabochon 9.1 Cts
Natural kyanite 21x14mm Oval Cabochon 27.0 Cts
Natural kyanite 22mm Round Cabochon 45.5 Cts
Natural kyanite 22x18mm Oval Cabochon 32.25 Cts
Natural Kyanite 6x4mm Oval Cut 0.61 cts
Natural Kyanite 7x7mm Square Cabochon 3.35 Cts
Natural Kyanite 9x7mm Oval Cabochon 3.4 Cts
Natural Small Kyanite Gemstone 6x4mm Oval Faceted Cut 0.85 Cts
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