1 Pair Pink Opal Pink Opal 14mm Round Cabochon 15.10 Cts
1.9 cts Ethiopian Opal Oval Cabochon 8x10mm
100 Gms Peruvian Opal Mix Freeform Cabochon
11.01 gms Candy opal 21mm Square Cab, gemstone IG2247
18*23mm Natural Candy opal 6.60 gmsFancy Cab IG2251
18*29mm Candy opal 8.80 gms Rectangle Cab IG2248
5 Pcs Australia Pink Opal 12mm Round Briolette Cut 20.35Cts
5 Pcs Natural Coated Pink Opal 12x10mm Oval Cabochon 18.05 Cts Loose Gemstone Wholesale Lot
5 Pcs Pink Opal 10x8mm Oval Cabochon 10.20 Cts
5 Pcs Pink Opal 10x8mm Oval Cabochon 11.5 Cts
Amazing Gemstone Blue Opal 22x16mm Oval Cabochon 14.85 Cts
Attractive Blue Opal Gemstone 22x16mm Pear Cabochon 13.70 Cts
Big Sale ! 7.20 gms Candy opal 20*29mm Oval Cab IG2249
Big Sale Gemstone Blue Opal 14x10mm Oval Cabochon 4.80 Cts
Blue Opal 11x11mm Square Cabochon 3.90 Cts
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