Natural Sodalite 18x12mm Fancy Rose Cut 6.35 Cts
1 Pair Natural Sodalite 14x10mm Fancy Rose Cut 8.20 Cts
1 Pair Natural Sodalite 16x12mm Fancy Rose Cut 12.90 Cts
1 Pair Natural Sodalite 18x13mm Fancy Rose Cut 14.75 Cts
12x12mm Natural Sodalite 8.1 Cts Square Checker Rose Cut
28 Pcs Sodalite Free Form Shape Size Cabochon  100 Gms
Classic Sodalite 23mm Round Cabochon 15.20 Cts
Classic Sodalite 31x24mm Octagon Cabochon 30.25 Cts
Exclusive Sodalite 24x16mm Pear Cabochon 11.85 Cts
Exclusive Sodalite 24x18mm Octagon Cabochon 14.55 Cts
Exclusive Sodalite 26x17mm Pear Cabochon 14.35 Cts
Exclusive Sodalite 31x20mm Oval Cabochon 18.80 Cts
Exclusive Sodalite Gemstone Onion Checker Cut 16mm Round 24.25 Cts
High Quality Sodalite 19mm Round Cabochon 11.60 Cts
High Quality Sodalite 25x17mm Octagon Cabochon 16.20 Cts
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