Man Made Stone

Synthetic Amber 20x16mm Oval Cabochon 7.15 Cts
Synthetic Amber 46x31mm gemstone 71.5 cts
Synthetic Amber 46x34mm Gemstone for Pendant Jewelry 72.9 Cts
Synthetic Amber 47x34mm Gemstone for Jewelry 84.65 Cts
Synthetic Amber 50x35mm Gemstone for pendant 78.45 Cts
Synthetic Amber 51x37mm Man Made Gemstone 91.2 cts
Synthetic Amber 62x35mm Gemstone for jewelry 120.4 Cts
Synthetic Amber 62x38mm with hole Gemstone 106.7 Cts
Synthetic Amber 64x40mm Gemstone 146.65 Cts
Synthetic Amber 72x36mm cabochon 130.9 Cts
Synthetic Black Onyx 8x8mm Cushion Rose Cut 1.85 Cts
Synthetic Cats Eye 14mm Round Cabochon 9.20 Cts
Synthetic Cats Eye 8x8mm Cushion Rose Cut 3.45 Cts
Synthetic Golden Rutile Quartz 8x8mm Cushion Rose Cut 2.70 Cts
Synthetic Green Amethyst 8x8mm Cushion Rose Cut 2.65 Cts
Synthetic Lapis Lazuli 8x8mm Cushion Rose Cut 1.85 Cts
Synthetic Larimar 8x6mm Oval Cabochon 1.13 cts
Synthetic Malachite 14mm Round Cabochon 8.70 Cts
Synthetic Turquoise 16x12mm Pear Briolette Cut 7.45 Cts
Synthetic Turquoise 18x13mm Oval Cabochon 7.1 Cts
Synthetic Turquoise 30x9mm Marquise Cabochon 8.2 Cts
Synthetic Turquoise 9x6mm Oval Cabochon 1.15 Cts
Wholesale Price ! 1 Pair Yellow Chalcedony 14mm Round Cabochon 18.25 Cts
Wholesale Supplier Gemstone ! 1 Pair Swiss Blue Topaz Hydro 14mm Round Cabochon 16.95 Cts
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