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Tourmaline is a semi precious stone and also known as October birthstone along with opal stones.

Tourmaline comes in various colors (pink, green, blue, black and bio color). The highly demand of this stone is to make jewelry. Tourmaline is one of the most popular gemstones which admire the beauty and also has multiple healing properties. It helps in getting out negativity energy throughout the body.

Origin : United States, Brazil, Nigeria, Mozambique, Madagascar, Afghanistan and Namibia but the finest quality stones are found in Muzo mines of Brazil and Namibia.

Grading:   Pink tourmaline can be classified as the best grading stone.

Heirloom (AAAA) : Only 1% of Natural Pink Tourmaline belong to this category.

(AAA): Almost 10% of Natural Pink Tourmaline belong to this category.

(AA): they are light to medium pink in color and have moderate inclusions.

Good (A): this category includes the top of 75% of pink tourmaline which has heavy inclusions.

Types of tourmaline:

1. Pink Tourmaline:  Pink tourmaline stones are of love, adorn and emotional attachment. This stone is used to make jewelry which enhances the beauty of any kind of jewelry.

2. Black Tourmaline :  Black tourmaline chunks are majorly used for vastu & reiki, which protect the wearer from evil eyes and negative energy.

3. Green Tourmaline:  Green tourmaline is ideally used for healing purposes. It is proven that it enhances the sense of peace and makes the person calm.

4. Blue Tourmaline:  Metaphysically, blue tourmaline crystal is of peace and high spirit, which provides deep meditation.

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Natural Green Tourmaline Free Form Baguette cut
Natural Green Tourmaline Free Form Baguette cut
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