2Pcs Natural Dendritic Opal 8x4mm Rectangle Cabochon 1.45Cts

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Dendritic Opal helps with the physical body to prevent viruses, bacteria and infections as these are usually due to an imbalance in a healthy system. One of the best gems to use while feeling a fever coming on, this harmonizing gem can promote stability, healing dizziness and ear imbalances. It acts as a positive bubble of protection for the user's aura. It brings tranquility to issues with IBS or digestive track upsetedness due to emotional stress. This gorgeous crystal also aid's in hair and nail growth, making both shiny and long. It also aids in balancing the water content of the physical body. It enhances hydration and helps to prevent water retention. Purifies the blood, circulatory system and kidneys. 
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Made In: Turkey
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2Pcs  Natural Dendritic Opal 8x4mm Rectangle Cabochon 1.45Cts

Stone Name
 Dendritic Opal
Stone Weight
Stone Color
White, Black
Stone Cut
Rectangle Cut
Stone Size

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